Seeking safety on Kampala’s streets

The streets of Kampala are, as with the case in all too many cities in the Global South, more than a little rough on cyclists and pedestrians. More than that, there is rarely any real interest in most political establishments in the concept of safe streets. So where do you start in order to break the old pattern and long standing deadlock? A group of young people in Kampala Uganda, decided this year to organise their first Car Free Day. The following document reports on the plans and intention. A courageous effort that we should all be applauding.

*Click here to read article on CFD Kampala 2011

It is well worth noting that many of the initiatives required to advance this project have been taken by young women.  What was the poem of Aragon? La femme est l’avenir de l’homme. (Woman is the future of man(kind).)  We are seeing this in many places around the world, and since it is there and like it or not, best we recognise and start to work with it as a fact.

Now, since we have a few minutes, let us offer you a quick tour of the streets of Kampala on a typical day, in the event you have not seen them yourselves or like the editor so long ago that it almost does not count. Come on. Let’s have a look.

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