Daily Archives: 22 December 2011

International Advisory Council

While we have been working on these issues in many places and for a number of years, including both on the technology and the (to us far more important) policy side, we nonetheless do not hesitate to acknowledge that we are going to need help and guidance over the course of the year ahead if we are to be really useful on this important  and highly challenging topic. Fortunately the field is developing quite swiftly now, at long last,  and a new expert consensus  is growing up among those working on these issues in leading cities and groups —  so we have set out to tap this leading edge of international expertise by means of an informal International Advisory Council,  which we are pleased to introduce to you here in working draft form today.  As you will see this work is still very much in progress, but if you have any suggestions for us, it would be good to hear from you.  And all the more so if you may have a candidate for us to complete this world level group.

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