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Message from Kaohsiung

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Einstein on your mind

World Streets 2012 – Focus Programs (Review draft)

If you wish to review and comment the latest working draft for our 2012 program, please click here. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Evaluating Public Transport Health Impacts

In the last days on the Sustran Global South Forum, Gregorio Villacorta of Metro of Lima (Peru) posted the following question to the group: “We would like to find some paper about road safety and social inclusion relationated to Metros, or other massive public transport.” In the usual good spirit of Sustran there were immediately several communications offering to lend a hand. This one from Todd Litman of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute is one that we think is well worth sharing here. Continue reading

Progress report and work plan for 2012 – For comment and finalization

The Safe Streets Challenge has been chosen as a primary focus activity over 2012.  But there is safe, and safe. So the project turns out to be a lot more challenging than it may look at first glance. Continue reading