Contributing photographers

Draft note to photographers:

This section will link to profiles and reference points of each of those being so kind as to help us with their images of city streets around the world – the good, the bad, and the truly deplorable.

It would also be very  nice if we could have permission to pop in a very short (say 3 to 7 lines) bio note and small head shot (or as you prefer). (You can see how I handle mine for the site at the base of this page.)

Again for the record, the format is 990 x 180 pixels, with a few explanatory words for contributors at

Also please let us know about how you wish the Credit to read. (The shorter the better since we do not wish to take attention from your image.)

Do you think that might work?

Thanks for letting me know.

— To follow —

Sujit J Patwardhan (India)

John W. Verity (USA)

Gerardo Montes de Oca (Mexico)

Carlosfelipe Pardo (Colombia)

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